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Saturday, November 12, 2011

For the birds.....

Sometimes I'm asked for fabrics, wallpapers or rugs that have an animal or bird theme, but birds seem to be the most requested.  Once I began researching I was surprised how many animal and bird themed fabrics there are.  Mostly they tend to be more classical in their style but there are some which would suit a contemporary setting as well.  Today I shall concentrate on the bird theme.

The new Designers Guild Royal Collection ‘Rosa Chinensis’ features a peacock.  This range is a beautiful addition to the previous Royal Collections, with gorgeous and luxurious fabrics.

In this collection there are ready made cushions, including the peacock one below.

Two more bird themed fabrics below in a more traditional style with parrots, birds and flowers from English company Titley & Marr

The pretty blue and white fabric below is from Galbraith & Paul, a Philadelphia based studio workshop specializing in hand block printed textiles, handmade rugs, and studio printed wallpaper

And here is the same pattern as wallpaper in a different colourway.

The rug below is Glabraith & Paul Pewter Birds - Hand Knotted Wool and Silk

Soleil Bleu make some beautiful fabrics and below is a detail from a gorgeous fabric featuring parrots - note how the birds feathers look like a collage of butterfly wings

And here are two real birds to finish with:  I photographed this beautiful pee wee at Manly Dam recently.  It very patiently sat on that branch for quite a while as I snapped away.  And the native noisy minor below was taken at Bradleys Head.